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Beata Biegalska - abstrakcyjna różowa grafika

Beata Biegalska

I create websites and I am a Virtual Assistant. I will take care of your project from A to Z.

I have been passionate about WordPress for almost 3 years. I try to combine usability, design, speed, security and SEO.

If the new website has been in your head for a long time, but you do not know where to start, how much it costs and what is WordPress – I am happy to help you.

If you already have your place on the web, but you lack the time to control it – hire me as a Virtual Assistant.

Check what I do for my clients and contact me.

Beata Biegalska - abstrakcyjna jasna grafika
Beata Biegalska - abstrakcyjna pastelowa grafika

New website

A website is a process that I will help you master from the beginning.


We will discuss your needs and expectations to find adequate web solutions!

A lot is going on before we start creating your new page! You need to tell me exactly about your business, how your own place on the web should help you and what functionalities you need.


We will tailor the look of the website to your brand and take care of the user experience.

The appearance of the page must match its message. If you already know what design suits you - great! If not, I will gladly help you.

SEO and speed

I will help your website rise to the heights... of search engines.

Website optimization for SEO and page acceleration are additional services, but you will get the optimization base as standard 🙂


You will receive the keys to your new site from me! And arrange it as you like. . .

Here lies the most beautiful advantage of WordPress. It's you who will be able to easily edit your website and add content as needed. Before that, you will receive training and documentation.

Beata Biegalska - abstrakcyjna grafika w tle
Bardzo jasna grafika w tle - beata biegalska

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant - delegate tasks that slow down success.

Is this the first time you’ve heard of someone like that? The VA profession is still not very popular, but people who use the services of virtual assistants value their help very much. So who is she?

A virtual assistant is a person who helps in the backroom of online businesses. Just that.

When do you need a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant will be helpful when you lack time to take care of the essence of your business. Repeatable or complicated tasks for you take up a lot of your time that you could spend on improving your business.

A Virtual Assistant can do a lot of tasks for you so that you can focus on your business and what you are best at. See what tasks you can delegate to me.

Obrazek asystentki na stronie głównej Beaty Biegalskiej


Free help for non-profit organizations

I will gladly help non-profit organizations, especially those working for animals. If you need online help, write me! I try to find time and solutions for everyone, as much as I can. You can find a list of my services on the virtual assistant’s subpage.

Do you want to start a new website project or do you need a Virtual Assistant?