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Virtual Assistant - delegate tasks that slow down success.

As your business grows, your tasks multiply and you slowly run out of time for the next stages of development. If you have a blockage because of too short a day, see how I can do it for you.

I worked in the company for less than two years, where I dealt with two on-line businesses as a whole. I did all kinds of tasks related to such activities.

I know how much work there is and how much time it consumes. Now I am glad that I can offer my knowledge to other online businesses.

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When to hire a Virtual Assistant?

How to start working with the Virtual Assistant?

You’re here because you probably don’t have time. I don’t have the best news to start with. Starting cooperation with an assistant (virtual or not) requires additional time.

For everything to work as it should, you must first implement me in your business. It’s best to make a list of the things you do during your business month. Complete your list every day so you don’t miss anything.

With a list prepared in this way, you can arrange a free consultation with me (at the bottom of the page) to discuss which tasks you could entrust to me.

If you decide to cooperate with me, you will have to devote some time to a more detailed explanation of your business, its principles of operation and your expectations. This is a necessary step so that I can do my job as well as possible.

What can I do for you?

Browse the list of my services available here. I have listed out the areas that I usually deal with.

The list is quite long because I often train in various fields and broaden my skills.

That said, you may not have found exactly what you were looking for. I could write down everything I can do, but every business is different, so it requires an individual approach and matching the offer.

If any of the areas of my activity interested you, we can talk about it at a free consultation or by e-mail.


I deal with pages (or create them) on WordPress. I care about the design, content, update of the site and much more.


The page I am dealing with is optimized for SEO.

Website speed

I speed up websites.


I implement automated systems of booking visits, online consultations etc.

Online store

I manage stores at WooCommerce.

Subpages and posts

I have extensive experience with page builders. The posts and subpages are always consistent with User Experience and SEO.


I create graphics for websites and social media.


I set up and supervise Newsletters.

Analytics tools

I connect and operate tools measuring website traffic. I completed the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics courses.

Social Media

I manage accounts on Facebook and Instagram. I plan and prepare posts, I also manage groups.

Cooperation - step by step


We talk on a free consultation, on phone or by sending an email.


You receive from me a written offer of the services we talked about. You can think about it and report any changes.


I send you a contract with agreed terms of cooperation.

Beginning of cooperation

We start cooperation after paying for the first package of services.


Sample hourly packages. You can choose one or contact me to create an individual offer tailored to the needs of your business.

1 hour of work

Simple tasks

One hour costs 55€.
You can use it within 30 days.
Best for short tasks.

5 hours of work

For a start

One hour costs 49,40€.
You can use it within 30 days.
The best for a good cooperation start

10 hours of work

Good support for you

One hour costs 44€.
You can use it within 30 days.
For example: I work for you every monday for 2.5h.
Własna abstrakcyjna grafika

Free 15-minute consultation

If you are wondering if I could help you in your business, arrange a consultation with me via Skype or telephone. Within 15 minutes, we can honestly talk about your business needs. The conversation is completely casual, I don’t force anyone or convince anyone to hire me.

The idea is for you to decide if you need my services. We will talk about your expectations and possible solutions.

Do you prefer to write first?

Softwares and tools which I use
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What my customers think about our cooperation

I recommend Beata because she completed our project with great professionalism and know-how. He knows the WordPress environment, hosting and SEO perfectly. She showed initiative, creativity and kindness. She adapted to our needs, gave specific answers, while achieving the goals of the site to create. She showed great skills in our cooperation. She was very involved and took care of the smallest details. She has trained us to monitor and maintain the site and has prepared documentation on this subject. Beata was able to see the specific needs of her client.
Marta Foltzer
11 czerwca 2019
Ms. Beata was supposed to create the Polonica Association website, preserving the history and archives of the former website of the association. Mrs. Beata fulfilled her mission and goals in a more than satisfying way. She designed an example of a page based on an old page and submitted this version for approval. She paid attention to our suggestions, quickly understood the spirit of the association and proposed several solutions to better receive the site. She explained how to work on WordPress. Prepared instructions to make the person responsible for the site autonomous as soon as possible. In the meantime, she made the necessary modifications herself. Ms. Beata showed initiative and very often suggested interesting solutions and improvements that we had not previously planned. We certify that the work has been done perfectly.
Joanna Garnczarek
2 września 2019